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4725 Statesmen Dr., Suite B Indianapolis, Indiana 46250

Located on the Northside of Indianapolis, Unity Spine & Joint – North Indy is surrounded by local lakes and shopping. About 30 minutes away from the home of the Indianapolis Colts, it’s not surprising that this is a great Midwest area! Even living in such an exciting, action-packed place, people living with chronic pain are often unable to fully appreciate everything Indianapolis has to offer. To begin the process of finding relief from pain and treatment for the underlying conditions, visit Unity Spine & Joint​​​​​​​ and their pain clinic in Indianapolis. They offer a variety of treatments and therapies for pain management that will help patients find relief, healing, and reduced stress. Unity Spine & Joint – North Indy offers a full set of services not commonly found in traditional practices such as diagnostic testing, medical procedures, chiropractic therapy, physical exercise modalities, and more.

Treat Residual Back & Neck Pain from an Auto Accident at this Indianapolis Clinic If you have been in an auto accident in the Indianapolis area, even if you don’t immediately experience pain, schedule a consultation at this pain clinic to ensure you won’t experience lasting pain. Collisions can cause the spine to go out of its natural balance, resulting in dull pains in the back and neck, muscle spasms, headaches, and other symptoms that may interfere with your daily life and activities. Non-Surgical Pain Management Treatments for the Indianapolis Area Many are wary of seeking treatment for their chronic pain out of fear of surgery or simply being offered medication as pain management. Unity Spine & Joint​​​​​​​ will create an individualized plan for your specific problems with natural treatments for your pain including:

  • Trigger point injections

  • Chiropractic therapy

  • Physical medicine modalities

  • Joint Injections

  • Low dose steroid injections

  • & much more

Contact Unity Spine & Joint​​​​​​​ pain clinic in Indianapolis to learn more about their treatments and to schedule a consultation for tailored pain management solutions now!

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