Tips for Managing Acute Pain

When it comes to pain management, there are different types that patients suffer from. While you might hear a lot about chronic discomfort, there is another type that needs adequate attention: acute pain.

Catching and treating acute neck pain early, for example, can help prevent it from escalating into the chronic variety. So, what exactly is the difference between the two?

Acute pain lasts less than three to six months and not all types will evolve into chronic discomfort. It typically disappears once the underlying cause has been treated or healed. This can include damage or disease in the tissues, such as the type that occurs from dental work, surgery, burns, broken bones, childbirth, or cuts.

Chronic discomfort, on the other hand, typically lasts longer than six months. Many patients who suffer from chronic symptoms experience exhaustion, headaches, a change in their routines, limited mobility, and most. Basically, it is anything that is disruptive to their everyday life.

Taking acute discomfort seriously and treating it quickly can prevent it from becoming worse. Here are some ideas on how to keep it under control:

Visit a Chiropractor in Phoenix
Are you healing from surgery or an injury? Visiting a chiropractor is an excellent way to keep your muscles and musculoskeletal system healthy while you heal. Your professional will be able to provide spinal adjustments that will allow your body to function as it should. They will also discuss ways to improve your sleep habits, nutrition, posture, and exercise routine.

Go to Counseling
Many of those who suffer from chronic discomfort struggle with depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues as a result of their condition. To manage the psychological aspects of discomfort, consider speaking with a counselor for talk therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy or stress management. Your professional will be able to teach you coping skills as well as ways to stay relaxed while you heal.

Stay Active
You should always follow the advice of your doctor when it comes to starting a new exercise routine, especially if you have recently suffered from an injury. Physical activity can make a positive impact on your ability to heal, especially if you need to regularly stretch the affected area. Visit a physical therapist for guidance on the best types of treatment, which can include strengthening exercises, hot and cold therapy, and stretching. We have Pain Stop Clinics in Phoenix and Indianapolis, Indiana.

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