Finding the Motivation to Be Healthy

Most people know that they should be eating right and exercising. There are a variety of health benefits associated with these practices, including reducing back pain in Tempe, but it always seems to be easier said than done.

Life can get complicated and people can get busy. Finding time to squeeze in a workout or a home-cooked meal between work and running kids to events and practices might seem impossible. Once the cycle of not making time starts, it doesn’t take much for it to continue. This can lead to a person having chronic pain in Avondale.

It doesn’t take a ton of time for a person to add healthy activities into their schedule. The real issue boils down to motivation. It’s a lot easier to sit on the couch and watch TV after a long day than to get in a workout, but it’s not more beneficial, and it could lead to neck pain in Mesa.

For some ways to find the motivation to be healthy, check out the tips below.

1. Write Down the Reasons

Everyone has a reason for why they want to be healthy. Maybe they want to be able to keep up with their kids, wear a certain size of clothes, or find pain management in Mesa or relief from a pain clinic in Tempe. Whatever the reason(s), write them down.

Putting something on paper can motivate a person to actually go through with finding a way to achieve their goal. If they then place that paper somewhere that they can see it on a daily basis, they’ll remind themselves that they need to get to work.

2. Take Things Slow

No one ever got to their goal in a day—or even a week. It takes time and persistence, but that first step has to be taken. That may all it may be: a first step that then leads to walking every night after dinner or 10 minutes on the elliptical machine.

Trying to rush into any kind of lifestyle change could stress a person out and kill their motivation. By taking things slowly or making small gestures, such as replacing part of their meal with more veggies or eating some fruit for breakfast instead of a donut, it can make the process seem more manageable and less daunting.

Once a person gets comfortable or makes it a habit to take walks or get on the elliptical, it will make things easier and they can add more time to their process. They may find that they don’t miss donuts at all and can then start eating fruit as an afternoon snack. Eventually, these little changes and slow starts will become regular habits that can be built upon.

3. Get a Buddy

One of the best ways to be accountable for actions and finding motivation is to enlist the help of a friend or family member. It can be challenging to get up at 5:00 in the morning to work out, and it doesn’t take a person long to talk themselves out of going. However, if they know someone is waiting for them and they don’t want to let them down, they’ll get out of bed and get moving.

No one said your buddy had to be a human. Taking a dog for a walk can be a great motivator for getting up and getting healthy. Once they’ve had a taste of morning or evening walks and it happens on a regular basis, they won’t let a person sit down and do nothing. They’ll drive their owner crazy until they get up and get moving. This can be an incredibly helpful and beneficial motivator.

4. Make the Time

Life gets busy, that’s not a secret. In addition, time waits for no one. If a person wants to be motivated and wants to find time to exercise or eat right, they have to make the time. No one is going to give it to them. If this means blocking out a specific amount of time on a calendar, do it. Then use that time for what it’s intended for.

Getting in a workout doesn’t have to take hours, and neither does preparing a healthy meal. Even taking a 20-minute walk every day can be beneficial, or doing short, high-intensity training can make an impact. It’s also possible to plan meals on the weekend and make them ahead of time so they are ready for the week.

It takes time to be healthy, but it doesn’t have to take a ton of time, and a person will have to make the time. The world won’t stop moving forward as it waits for people to find the motivation to get healthy. They have to take the time and covet it.

5. Don’t Let a Setback Be a Setback

Again, life happens. As much as a person tries to be healthy and live the best life possible, things might happen that make it challenging. Perhaps they experience a loss or an injury or get sick. This can mean that the best laid plans for being healthy get derailed. That’s okay—for a short amount of time.

Once a person is able to get their feet under them and back on track, they shouldn’t let the setback become a long-term setback. They need to redo their schedule so that they can fit being healthy back into their life.

This also means that a person needs to go easy on themselves if they miss a day of exercising or decide to indulge in something sweet while on a diet. As humans, no one is perfect, and it’s all right to enjoy some rest and relaxation or decadent food every once in a while. A person shouldn’t beat themselves up over it, but they also shouldn’t make it a habit.

Finding the motivation to be healthy can be challenging. Life will try to get in the way, but a person has to be strong enough to fight back. If they want it bad enough, they’ll find a way to make it work. After all, being healthy means living the best life possible and getting to enjoy things for a long time to come.

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