Exploring Nerve Block Usage for Pain Relief

When someone is forced to deal with chronic pain in Glendale, it can have a very debilitating effect on their day to day life. Even a slight persistent neck pain for Glendale residents can have a very negative effect on their well being. That is why these individuals often have to visit a doctor at a pain clinic in Glendale in order to seek some sort of treatment to help them live ordinary lives in spite of their persistent pain.

Luckily, these clinics offer a wide variety of pain management tactics in Glendale, which can be used to significantly decrease the amount of pain that a person has to deal with on a regular basis. One of the best tactics used to help relieve back pain in Glendale residents is to use a nerve block treatment.

What this does is use a special type of medication that is able to go in and block a specific region of nerves, rendering them unable to experience pain. But what exactly are nerve blocks and how do they affect the human body? These are all questions that will be answered in this exploration of how nerve blocks can be used to help with pain management.

The Purpose of Nerve Blocks

The way that pain works is that it relies on groups of nerves, either a plexus or ganglion, in order to deliver signals throughout the body and to the body. When one group of these nerves becomes pinched or otherwise damaged, it results in the nerve sending a specific signal to the brain which tells it that a certain area of the nervous system has become injured. This signal it what tells the brain to experience pain and causes the individual to feel the unpleasant pain that many people are forced to deal with on a regular basis.

If these nerves are unable to deliver a signal to the brain, then it will prevent the body from ever knowing that a certain part of the nervous system has become damaged. Without the stimuli, the individual will not be able to experience any sort of sensation coming from that area of the nervous system, including any kind of pain. This is what nerve blocks set out to accomplish.

By using specialized medication that is injected into certain areas of the body, the substance can coat the nerves in the area and cause them to become numb. Once the nerves have become numbed, they will no longer be able to send or receive any sort of stimuli, meaning that the individual should no longer feel pain from that certain part of the body.

Different Methods of Using Nerve Blocks

Despite the fact that nerve blocks all complete the same process, there are several different ways in which they can be used to help patients. The most obvious way is to use them for therapeutic purposes, which is when medical professionals administer nerve blocks that contain a local anesthetic in order to reduce persistent pain in a specific area of the body. The point of this type of nerve block is to help an individual handle their daily pain without it interfering with their life too much.

Another method in which nerve blocks can be used is for prognostic purposes. This involves using nerve blocks in order to try and see whether or not certain more significant treatments would be successful or not  at treating a patient’s pain. These are often used as a method of determining whether or not surgery would be a viable option in order to reduce someone’s pain on a permanent basis.

They can also be used for diagnostic reasons, meaning that they are valuable resources for locating where the pain is stemming from. In order to be able to treat the cause of pain, doctors first need to be able to figure out where the pain is coming from, which is something that nerve blocks can help with. If they numb a specific area of the body but the individual is still feeling pain, then they can rule out that part of the body as being the root of the pain.

The last way in which nerve blocks can be used is for pre-emptive reasons. Instead of trying to deal with pain as it is happening, doctors can also administer nerve blocks in order to try and combat pain before it even occurs. If the individual is going through something that medical professionals know will cause them to experience pain later on, such as a serious surgery, then they can give them a nerve block immediately after the procedure. This way they are able to tolerate the pain when they wake up from the surgery.

Understanding Side Effects of Nerve Blocks

Like with any sort of medical treatment, nerve blocks come with their own set of potential side effects than an individual may experience. However, the side effects of nerve blocks are not nearly as serious as the side effects that many other treatments come with.

One of the more common side effects of nerve blocks include the individual experiencing elevated blood sugar levels, which can be somewhat serious if the individual is a diabetic. But if the individual is a diabetic, then this is something that the doctor should already know and will have taken into consideration before administering any sort of nerve block.

There is also the possibility of the person experiencing some sort of itching or rash on their skin. This will likely occur at the spot of the nerve block injection and may last anywhere from a couple of days to several weeks. However, using some sort of cream that is specifically designed to relieve the unpleasant symptoms of a rash should be able to significantly reduce the feeling and appearance of any skin issues that may arise from nerve blocks. There are also some more beneficial side effects that may occur, such as the individual experiencing some extra energy after receiving a nerve block. This is especially true when the person has received a therapeutic nerve block, since this will be the first time that they have gone without experiencing pain for a very long time, which is bound to give them an extra bit of energy.

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