Explaining Vertigo

While chronic pain in Avondale is a common reason that brings people into the clinic, another common reason is vertigo. Out of the nearly 35% of adults over the age of 40 that have experienced a vestibular disorder, this one is the most common.

Vertigo is the sensation of feeling like you’re off-balance. Sufferers often feel as if they are spinning or being pulled in one direction – even when standing still. This disorder can cause you to feel nauseous, including vomiting. It can also cause headaches, sweating, abnormal eye movement, or to experience a ringing in your ears.

For some, vertigo goes away on its own in time. For others, it can be a recurring problem that happens at a moment’s notice. It can make performing everyday activities extremely difficult, and even impossible at times. Fortunately, regular chiropractic care can help improve symptoms and prevent further spells from occurring. Here’s an explanation of why vertigo happens and how you can get it under control.

Why Vertigo Happens
One of the most common reasons people get vertigo is due to inner ear issues. This can often be caused by a buildup or an ear infection, which can affect the body’s ability to find balance.

Patients who suffer from vertigo also often have subluxations, misalignments in the C1 region of the skull. This region has an impact on blood supply, the brain, the nervous system, and the middle and inner ear.

This misalignment can strongly interfere with the sensory information that the cerebellum receives. This part of the brain controls voluntary movements like balance, coordination and posture. It can also cause the most common symptom of vertigo – dizziness. It can be caused by several different things, including head/neck trauma, improper posture and poor sleeping positions.

Correcting Vertigo
While vertigo can go away on its own for some people, others should seek out chiropractic care in order to find relief. Having a full evaluation done by a professional will help find the root of the problem.

From there, having regular chiropractic adjustments done will help remove subluxations from the spine. Having these regular spinal manipulations done will greatly improve balance, reduce dizziness and help other common symptoms of vertigo. You can also eliminate the disruptions between the brain and spinal nerves that cause vertigo, potentially eliminating the issue completely and helping the body heal from trauma.

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