Commonly Asked Questions About Chiropractic Care

When it comes to pain management in Glendale, a popular and effective option is chiropractic care. Whether you’re suffering from neck pain in Glendale or another condition, there are countless patients who have reaped the benefits of practices like spinal manipulations and posture improvement.

With more people finding relief and recognizing the importance of spinal health, it has also caused an influx of those who are curious about this form of pain management in Glendale. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Is It Safe?
A common question that people have is about the safety of practices like spinal manipulations. The good news is that it’s completely safe! It’s a conservative and all-natural way to approach relief, especially for those that want to avoid invasive procedures or addictive drugs.

Can’t I Do It Myself?
Trying to perform chiropractic adjustments yourself is extremely dangerous! Adjustments are extremely different than bending and twisting yourself to crack your back. Your physician has years of training, experience, and education and knows how to handle your bones and muscles safely and correctly. You run the risk of injuring yourself further if you take it into your own hands.

Does Everyone Receive the Same Treatment?
In the same way that no two patients are the same, no two treatment plans are the same either. Your physician will evaluate your own spinal issues and symptoms, as well as ask questions about your lifestyle, diet, sleeping style and other habits. They will then develop an individual treatment plan that addresses your specific concerns.

Why Do I Need a Chiropractor?
For those suffering from chronic pain, regular chiropractic appointments can help them find immense relief. However, it’s not just for those suffering from discomfort! Chiropractic care in Glendale can help with a variety of health problems and improve the way you live – and even sleep. It can also help improve your nerve system function, which will help you heal quickly.

Why Do I Hear Popping During Adjustments?
Many people think this popping sound is the same as when they “crack” their own neck or back. However, this popping sound is actually caused by natural gases in your body. When your spine goes through an adjustment, this gas is rushing to fill the partial vacuum created when your joints shift. Completely natural and nothing to worry about.

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